JEDC Editorial Office
Department of Economics
University of Missouri

909 University Avenue
118 Professional Building

Columbia, MO 65211-6040

E-mail: jedc@missouri.edu


Mission Statement:

The JEDC provides an outlet for publication of research concerning all theoretical and empirical aspects of economic dynamics and control as well as the development and use of computational methods in economics and finance. Contributions regarding computational methods may include, but are not restricted to agent-based modeling, artificial intelligence, databases, decision support systems, genetic algorithms, modelling languages, neural networks, numerical algorithms for optimization, control and equilibria, parallel computing and qualitative reasoning.

We are committed to publishing only innovative research of highest quality in these areas of study. Recently the JEDC has been ranked among the top 30 of 300 economics journals and our objective is to further improve the JEDC's standing as a leading field journal. We also strive to reduce the length of the evaluation process and aim to provide a first evaluation in most cases within four months.

The Editors


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